Helpful Tips

October 3, 2019 – Prepare your vehicle for Winter!

Winter is just around the corner and Napier Auto Body wants all of our clients to be ready. Here are a few tips to be prepared for a safe Winter season on the road.

  • Check tire tread and make sure tires are not in need of replacement
  • Be Sure to rotate your tires each time you have your vehicle maintenanced
  • Keep tires filled up, Low tire pressure can be dangerous on Winter roads
  • Consider Snow Tires or be sure to travel with Snow Chains
  • Change your oil and antifreeze regularly and as recommended by vehicle manufacturer
  • Test and repair your heater before the cold weather starts
  • Inspect your battery

October 10, 2019 Does your vehicle need an Alignment?

There are some unavoidable events that can cause your vehicle to become out of alignment… Front end collisions, large pit holes, bumping curbs, or running over items in the road are the most common.

Does your vehicle need an alignment or not?


– if your vehicle pulls to the left or right

– tires are wearing unevenly

– making strange noise

– tires squeal when turning corners

Not needed

– vibrating or shaking

– thumping or banging

– steering wheel shaking

– tires out of balance of defective

Remember to always have your car inspected if you notice there might be an issue!

Be safe on the road!